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Wall Putty Quart معجونة حيطان كيلو

product details

A high quality ready-made putty filler of acrylic vinyl copolymer dispersion and fine pigment fillers in a special high build formulation to insure an easily spread filling mass with relatively high resin content and low shrinkage for filling and leveling pores, crevices, cracks and imperfections of the surface. It excels in having high qualitative properties of tenacious adhesion, durability, hardness, resistance to cracking or falling-off and quick drying. PRIMO PUTTY is intended to be applied as a putty filler with trowel (putty knife) or airless spray in single or multiple layers of variable thicknesses or as a primer filler (after dilution ) with brush or roller, and could be top coated with both emulsion and alkyd based finishing paints.

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