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Marine Varnish Gallon فرنيش بحري غالون

product details

Solvent-based one component varnishes containing aliphatic polyurethane blended with air drying fatty acids & alkyd resins to provide a tough protective finish with good weather and abrasion resistance for new and maintenance painting works in urban, coastal & industrial environments. The aliphatic polyurethane ingredients add marked advantages in resistance to weather, chemicals, abrasion & yellowing, as well as help retard combustibility and decontamination, making these varnishes appropriate as dust proof coatings that resist the effect of light traffic. Primo Marine Varnishes have excellent leveling properties & good resistance to detergent & cleaning solutions, stains, alcohol, oils, car petrol, inorganic salts & dry heatupto90°C. They meet the specifications of the building industry and resist C02, chlorides and other acid gaseous com pounds to diffuse into concrete structures and cause damage by carbonation.

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